Why Snaptron developed the DT-Series dome contact…Part V

DT series dome3

What are the benefits of incorporating this dome contact into medical devices? How is that accomplished with existing devices?

The DT-Series domes can produce two electrical contacts with a single dome.

Benefits of metal domes include:

  1. low profile
  2. high reliability
  3. competitive price

This is a new innovative technology that is open to the creativity of mechanical designers. The IntelliTac technology allows the dome to be momentarily activated with light touch and fully activated (center contact) with further pressure. This could be particularly useful in a variety of applications where manufacturers would like more functionality than a standard discrete functioning switch.

The possible applications for a dual action electrical function are abundant, and are limited to the creativity of product designers. Potential applications may include:

  • A product that requires temporary power as well as sustained power.
  • A scroll/select function. Press lightly to scroll through data and press permanently to view results.
  • A test function prior to action (e.g. drug delivery).