Dome Final Inspector

**This position has been filled**

Department: Quality
Job title: Dome Final Inspector
Wage: Current wage, with potential for raise after
evaluation period
Type of position: Full-time staff

Work Hours: Day shift, flexible start time
Reports to: Doug Aeling, Quality Manager

General Description:
Core duties are measuring and visually inspecting domes. Visual inspection entails examining a tray of several thousand domes under a magnified ring light and/or microscope, looking for forming defects, burrs, plating defects, and contamination. Measurement entails using various gauges to measure force and dimensional characteristics. Inspector will evaluate the data against multiple criteria and make accurate pass/fail judgments, then assemble various metrics into a comprehensive final inspection report.
Secondary duties involve organizing and archiving production documentation, assisting with life cycle testing and 100% sorting.

  • Skill Requirements:
  • Able to see well up close.
  • Able to sit or stand in place for long periods and make repetitive motions.
  • Able to stay focused and sustain a consistent pace over many hours of highly repetitive work.
  • Able to follow extremely detailed written instructions which will vary depending on the specific part being evaluated.
  • Able to use calipers, micrometers, and read dial gauges.
  • Proficient with a Windows computer. Able to browse to network folders, create folders, cut/paste files, and recognize different file types.
  • Proficient with Microsoft Excel. Able to open, save and print files, copy and paste data within and between spreadsheets, format cells, and use simple formulas.
  • Familiar with printing to PDF format.
  • Proficient with Gmail.
  • Able to do simple math in the head. For example, if the spec is 350 ± 30 then the range of acceptable values is 320 to 380.
  • Able to understand decimal fractions. For example, 0.2 = two tenths, 0.02 = two hundredths, 0.002 = two thousandths
  • Performance Expectations:
  • Consistent attendance is crucial. There will be a steady flow of trays that need to be inspected every day.
  • Keep inspection cell clean and organized.
  • No eating in the inspection cell except for hard candy. Drinking from closed containers is allowed.
  • Two 15 minute paid breaks per day, taken at the same times each day. These breaks are optional, and may not be combined into a single 30 min break. Inspectors must leave the inspection cell for breaks.
  • One 30 minute unpaid break per day for lunch. Inspectors must clock out of the company time clock.
  • and leave the inspection cell for lunch.
  • No additional breaks for smoking/vaping outside of the designated 15 minute breaks and lunch break.
  • No social media, texting, or streaming of non-work related video content on personal devices or Snaptron’s computers during work hours, except for breaks. Streaming of audio only content
  • during work hours is allowed. Any content streamed on personal devices and/or Snaptron’s computers over Snaptron’s network is subject to continuous surveillance during work hours.
  • No non-work-related phone calls on personal devices or Snaptron’s phones during work hours, except for breaks. Phone calls for urgent personal matters may be placed or taken as needed.
  • Inform the Quality Manager and clock out of the company time clock as soon as possible.
  • Limit non-work-related discussions with coworkers to five minutes max.
  • Clock out of work order for discussions unrelated to that specific work order, if the discussion is expected to take longer than five minutes.
  • See Quality Manager for approval if it appears that overtime may be required to stay current with operation due dates.
  • See Quality Manager for direction if you run out of work during work hours. Intentionally slowing the pace of work is not acceptable.
  • Management may change the configuration/location of the inspection cell, and/or Snaptron owned items within it, without notice. Inspectors are encouraged to take personal items of high-value home on a daily basis.
  • Inspectors’ location, activities, work habits, and speech are subject to continuous surveillance during
  • work hours.

Education Requirement(s):
High school diploma or GED.