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Most Common Way of Securing Tactile Domes to your PCB

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Snaptron offers Peel-N-Place arrays which is the most common way to secure tactile domes to your PCB or flex circuit.  Typically, metal domes are not meant to be soldered.  When a dome is actuated, the center of the dome collapses making contact at the center.  As this happens, the legs of the dome flex out.  Restricting this movement with solder can affect the feel of the dome and damage or destroy the tactile function.  Peel-N-Place arrays are domes on an adhesive substrate that adheres directly to your PCB.  Domes are pre-loaded in the exact positions you require, so multiple domes can be placed with one application.  The adhesive used allows the domes to flex and maintains the feel and function of the dome switch.  For more information visit our web page.