Terms and Conditions

Snaptron Order Terms and Conditions

Payment and Pricing

  1. Snaptron Credit Terms are: Net 30.  Additional Payment options are, Payment in Advance (by wire transfer, check, or credit card), and Cash on Delivery (COD).
  2. Customers that choose to pay by wire transfer will be responsible for ALL banking fees associated with the transfer. The sender is responsible for Snaptron’s fees and any fees charged by intermediary financial institutions used during the transfer. If the buyer does not pay wire fees, Snaptron will reduce the quantity of product shipped, to equal the amount of their invoice short payment.
  3. Quotes are valid for 30 days. Quotes are not considered final until a purchase order and final customer requirements are received and reviewed. Upon review of requirements, Snaptron reserves the right to resubmit updated pricing.
  4. Quotes do not include any additional costs for part qualification (PPAP), special packaging, or testing (FAIR) required by the customer. Snaptron reserves the right to quote these requirements separately upon request.
  5. Any products quoted as NC/NR are non-cancellable and non-returnable. Built to order products are non-cancellable and non-refundable.
  6. Non-recurring engineering (NRE) charges cover part design and the cost to setup Snaptron systems to manufacture custom parts. Snaptron owns all setup materials associated with building a custom part.
  7. Credit hold. Snaptron reserves the right to stop all work in progress and future orders pending payment resolution for a company placed on credit hold. Lead times and production schedules will be adjusted once full payment is received.
  8. Collections. In the event of past due invoices, Snaptron reserves the right to use the services of a collection agency to obtain payment for such invoices. Invoices reaching 90 days past due will result in the company being sent to collections. If unpaid invoices are sent to collections, this includes payment of all costs and/or attorney fees associated with the collection of past due invoices. Such companies will also no longer be allowed to purchase from Snaptron until all past dues invoices and collection fees are paid in full.  All future orders will be “Cash in Advance”. In addition, Snaptron reserves the right to NOT extend credit to such companies. A review of the customer at a future date will be done and a decision to extend credit may be granted at that time.
  9. Interest charges and / or late fees may apply to past due invoices.


  1. These terms and conditions supersede customer purchase order terms and conditions and govern the conditions with which Snaptron accepts purchase orders.  Snaptron reserves the right to negotiate or take exceptions to requirements of customer terms and conditions of purchase orders.
  2. Orders for custom parts cannot be increased except within FIVE DAYS of purchase order date unless authorized by Snaptron. For changes within FIVE DAYS some restrictions may apply.  Additional parts cannot be added to open purchase orders.  For additional parts a new PO will need to be issued at the correct quantity and pricing.  Snaptron’s blanket order policy is 120 days from date of purchase order.
  3. Lead-time for custom Peel-N-Place products starts once the design is finalized at Snaptron and/or Snaptron receives drawing approval from the customer. Production proof drawing (s) will be provided for review and approval before manufacturing begins.
  4. Snaptron order confirmations are based on Snaptron’s ship date, not purchase order dock date. Snaptron’s ship date is based on quoted lead-time and current manufacturing schedule.  Customer purchase orders and systems should be updated to reflect Snaptron’s ship date.  Snaptron will not accept corrective actions or penalties because of docks dates not being adjusted per Snaptron’s confirmation.  Snaptron will try to expedite orders at the request of customers to better ship dates, but cannot guarantee shipment sooner than confirmation. Contact the Snaptron Sales Department for expedite options and charges to expedite orders with a firm ship date.
  5. Change requests to existing orders are only handled by email or fax. Snaptron does NOT access customer portals or manufacture parts based on customer forecasts (excel spreadsheets).
  6. The placement of a purchase order constitutes both acknowledgment and acceptance of all the above Terms and Conditions of Sale or Contract. Subsequent statements or revocation or deviation from the above Terms of Sales or Contract will not be binding upon Snaptron, Inc.
  7. Customer shall provide Snaptron with all ancillary documents and standards referenced in the customer’s PO or Terms & Conditions, including but not limited to quality manuals, internal performance standards, and regulatory standards.
  8. Snaptron does NOT guarantee the flow down of all PO or Terms & Conditions requirements to sub-suppliers.


  1. Shipping Terms: EXW – Ex Works (Windsor, Colorado USA).
  2. For international shipments, customers are responsible for all taxes and duties.
  3. All goods shall be unpacked upon receipt and all damage notified to the carriers. Snaptron, Inc. is not responsible for damage or loss that occurred during transit once goods leave Snaptron’s facility.
  4. Partial delivery to a reasonable, extent, as well as surplus and short deliveries up to 10% of the total order quantity are permitted.
  5. Weights and measured quantities determined by the seller are final.


  1. Snaptron Standard Production tolerances for Peel-N-Place Arrays are:
  • Tape Feature to Tape Feature = +/- 0.010″  (0.254mm)
  • Dome to Tape Feature = +/- 0.015″ (0.381mm)
  • Hole diameters = General = +/- 0.010” (0.254mm)
  •                  = Identified as Critical = +/- 0.005” (0.127mm)

**Other tolerances may apply depending on part design.**

  1. Snaptron Standard Prototype / Sample tolerances for Peel-N-Place Arrays are:
  • Tape Feature to Tape Feature = +/- 0.015″  (0.381mm)
  • Dome to Tape Feature = +/- 0.020″ (0.508mm)
  • Hole diameters = General = +/- 0.010” (0.254mm)

**Other tolerances may apply depending on part design.**

  1. Prototypes / samples do not include Certificate of Compliance documentation.
  2. Peel-N-Place adhesive shelf life is up to one (1) year from date of part manufacturing as indicated on the packaging label.
  3. When domes are supplied in bulk (loose in jar), adhesive tape is not included.
  4. Snaptron standard part numbers are governed by Snaptron’s drawings and prints. Customer prints cannot govern a Snaptron standard part.  If there are special requirements for standard domes or Peel-N-Place arrays, Snaptron will assign a custom part number and custom pricing based on the requirements.
  5. Snaptron reserves the right to modify standard part numbers.
  6. Snaptron reserves the right to use multiple approved suppliers and make operational adjustments that do not affect fit, form, or function of our products without subsequent notification to customers.
  7. Life cycle specifications are estimates based on findings from testing and are not guaranteed. Snaptron is not liable for domes that do not meet the outlined tolerances or life rating over the course of your application’s life span.
  8. Contact Snaptron for standard dome tolerances. Custom dome tolerances and specifications are to be determined after the dome development.


  1. If goods show possible defects suspected from faulty materials and/or workmanship, our liability shall be limited to crediting or replacing such goods. No such liability shall arise unless written notification of such suspected defects is received WITHIN SEVEN DAYS from receipt of goods and alleged defective goods returned to Snaptron for evaluation of fault.
  2. Snaptron does not agree to or authorize 3rd party sorting or re-work and will not be held liable for such costs without prior written authorization from Snaptron. Snaptron does not assume responsibility for or authorize recovery of any costs associated with nonconforming material discovered at any stage in the process or in the field. These costs may include but are not limited to:
  • Testing, inspection, rework, and sorting as required
  • Process changes which become necessary in order to remedy nonconformity
  • Recall costs
  • Travel incurred
  • Cost of product(s) or additional material impacted by the non-conformity
  • Support costs that are directly related to the resolution of the non-conformity
  • Line down charges at customers and/or upper-tier manufacturers
  • Any external analysis
  • Any associated legal fees
  • Any additional services incurred by customer
  1. Snaptron shall maintain records of production, inspection, and applicable data for a period of time defined in Snaptron’s Quality Management System (QMS). The retention period varies depending on type of record, which may or may not match the retention requirements of the customer.
  2. Snaptron does not agree to minimum process capability requirements except upon the negotiation of mutually acceptable product tolerances during the design review process.
  3. Provided with each production order shipment will be a Certificate of Compliance (COC).
  4. Snaptron does not take corrective actions for parts that fail at a rate of 10ppm or less. The rate is calculated by the total number of parts delivered from the beginning of the project.


  1. A Return Material Authorization (RMA) number must be requested and associated with any return of the suspected non-conforming product. Upon return, Snaptron will evaluate and provide findings.  Issuing an RMA does not assume Snaptron is responsible for any defect or that Snaptron is agreeing to issue a credit or replace product.  Disposition of the RMA will be determined after Snaptron’s evaluation.  Product that is returned without an RMA may not receive credit or replacement.
  2. For international returns all paperwork MUST be marked “VALUE $0.01 – RETURN/REPAIR-DEFECTIVE PARTS” on all international paperwork or Snaptron, Inc. will be charged duties and taxes. If Snaptron is charged duties and taxes any credit will be reduced by the amount of the corresponding charges.
  3. Standard dome parts in original Snaptron SEALED (plastic wrap) containers may be returned if notification is given within SEVEN days from receipt. A restocking fee may apply.


  1. This offer and agreement of sales resulting from this offer shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the United States of America and the State of Colorado.
  2. Aside from ISO 9001, Snaptron cannot provide evidence of certification to or compliance with any other safety, regulatory, or operating system.
  3. Snaptron reserves the right to make organizational changes and/or changes to the Quality Management System (QMS) without subsequent notification to customers.
  4. Snaptron reserves the right to limit customers’ access to Snaptron’s facilities and records for proprietary concerns.
  5. Snaptron reserves the right to refuse service.
  6. Any disputes requiring legal resolution are governed by the laws of the United States of America and the State of Colorado.