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9/24/12Defining Your Products with Tactile Feedback

News Releases

05/07/10New TC-Series with built in tactile concentrator
11/11/09New GX-Series metal domes have highest force in the industry, up to 900g force
10/1/07Snaptron Introduces Intellitac Dual Action Tactile Dome
7/27/06Snaptron Introduces 4mm Metal Dome Switch Snaptron
1/9/06Snaptron Inc Moves to Windsor Colorado
12/15/05Snaptron Introduces Dome Arrays On Reel
10/15/05Snaptron Introduces New Metal Dome Placement Technology

Online Articles

07/24/17Electronic Design Magazine – Sapphire Switch test station feature
07/10/17Product Design & Development – Sapphire Force-Displacement Test Station
07/06/17EPP Europe – Displacement Test Station for Tactile Switches
06/25/ – Snaptron
10/22/16Machine Design – Tactile dome switch contacts rated to 10 million cycles
10/01/14EE News Europe – Snaptron redesigns tactile dome switch contacts
09/26/14Electronic Design Magazine – SQ-Series High Force Tactile Dome Switches
09/20/14DesignNews – New Tactile Dome Design – the SQ Series
07/10/13Video – Tactile Dome Fixture by Snaptron
04/29/13WindsorNow – Snaptron donates to robotics club
03/23/13WindsorNow – Middle school students succeed at state LEGO League Robotics Championship
12/11/12WindsorNow – Windsor Robotics Club students come up big
06/07/10Membrane Switch News – Snaptron offer Tactile Domes With Built in Actuator
06/01/10ECN Magazine – Reverse Dimple Compensates for Tactile Metal Dome Switch Misalignment
07/15/09Test Measurement World – Snaptron station tests force displacement of tactile switches
05/28/09ThomasNet – Force Displacement Tester features Voice Coil Technology
04/09/09EE Times – Snaptron : Tactile domes have high actuation forces
12/21/07ECN Magazine – ‘Dual Action Tactile Metal Dome’ – Article 1 and Article 2
08/30/07Design News – Dual Action Metal Dome – DT-Series
4/9/07Design News – “Automated Metal Dome Placement Machine”
10/4/06Mobile Handset Design Line – Dome switch touts higher tactile ratio\, small size
10/1/06Appliance Design – “4mm\, 3-leg tactile metal dome”
8/6/06EE Times India – “Snaptron addresses industry demand for 3-leg switch”
6/1/06Design Fax – “New metal dome stacking procedure”
4/13/06Machine Design – “Stacking Metal Domes”
11/1/05Appliance Design – “Peel-N-Place Domes on Reel”