At Snaptron, we offer a variety of packaging options for our metal dome switches. If you have questions about which option will be best for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away.

packaging-bulk Bulk

Packaged in plastic jars. Snap domes packaged in jars can range from the MOQ to 50K per jar, depending on the size of the dome.



Metal domes can be packaged in cartridges for use with the Dart Dome Placement Pen and the SureShot Automated Placement Machine.


packaging-pocketed-reelPocketed Reel

Metal tactile domes can be packaged in a pocket reel for use with traditional automated placement equipment.


packaging-standardStandard Peel-N-Place (Sheet)

Individual Standard Peel-N-Place™ domes are attached to a square of pressure sensitive adhesive tape. Depending on the size of the metal dome, there can be 20 to 30 domes per sheet.


packaging-custom-peelCustom Peel-N-Place Arrays (Sheet)

Each Custom Peel-N-Place array is unique, and Snaptron will recommend a seal size and quantity per seal based on the drawing that you provide for your snap dome layout.


packaging-custom-reelCustom Peel-N-Place Arrays (Reel)

Custom Peel-N-Place arrays can be packaged in reel format for use with manual and automated equipment.