Domes 1 Standard Domes

Our metal switch domes are momentary contacts that can be used in conjunction with a printed circuit board, flex circuit, or membrane, and become normally open tactile switches.
Cust-Domes Custom Domes

In addition to our wide range of standard tactile metal domes, we also offer the ability to design any custom metal dome your application may need.
dome-array-standard Dome Arrays

Our metal dome arrays, called Peel-N-Place™ Arrays, are pre-loaded polyester dome carriers backed with pressure sensitive adhesive. Arrays come loaded with the dome(s) of your choice, and are cut to the size and shape that you specify.
PACK-6 Packaging

There is a wide variety of packaging options available including bulk, cartridges, pocketed reels, and Peel-N-Place sheets and reels.
equipment-placement Equipment

Snaptron offers handheld and automated placement technologies that help place domes quickly and accurately. Testing equipment is now available!
STD_SINGLESIDE-1024x566 Rev4 PCB Pads

Snaptron offers recommended layouts for five different PCB pads. These drawings represent one of many possible layouts. Snaptron conveys this information for our customer support, with the intent that customers are responsible for the final design on the PCB layout.