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Placing Metal Domes in Membranes Can be Tricky

Placing metal domes quickly and accurately in membrane applications can be tricky. Typically, domes arrive in bulk form and are packaged in jars. Getting domes placed quickly can be challenging and “double doming” common. At Snaptron, we have invented a proprietary technology that allows for fast placement and assures only one dome is placed in […]

The Importance of Venting a Metal Dome

The movement of air in and out from under the dome is called “venting” and it is important to have so the metal dome functions properly. Lack of venting can cause adverse effects on the feel and function of the switch. Venting metal domes is crucial in order for the dome to feel the way […]

Why Snaptron developed the DT-Series dome contact…Part V

What are the benefits of incorporating this dome contact into medical devices? How is that accomplished with existing devices? The DT-Series domes can produce two electrical contacts with a single dome. Benefits of metal domes include: low profile high reliability competitive price This is a new innovative technology that is open to the creativity of […]

Why Snaptron developed the DT-Series dome contact…Part IV

What metals or other materials are used to make dome contacts? Metal domes are made of stainless steal and can be plated (typically with Nickel or Gold) to lower contact resistance. All standard DT-Series domes are stainless steel with nickel plating (ROHS compliant). Metal domes are extremely versatile and can be used in a wide […]

Why Snaptron developed the DT-Series dome contact…Part III

How were you able to create a less-complex, longer-lasting, easy-to manufacture component than existing tact switches? Metal dome contacts are essentially a single piece of stamped stainless steel with optional plating. Tact switches typically include a housing in which a metal dome resides, an enclosure, and often a built in actuator. Therefore manufacturing of tact […]