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Snaptron Adds a New Dual-Action Feature to Their DT-Series Tactile Domes

WINDSOR, CO, March 9, 2020—Today, Snaptron announced a new feature to their DT-Series, also known as dual-touch tactile domes. The DT dome is similar to a standard four-legged metal dome, except one foot is shorter. The new feature, called “Continuous Dual-Touch,” maintains two separate electrical contacts through two actuations in a single dome switch. The […]

The Benefits of Tactile Feedback

The Benefits of Tactile Feedback When designing an electronic device, you may be considering whether or not to use tactile, resistive, or capacitive touch technologies. Despite the popularity of touchscreens, many users still prefer physical buttons. While more and more companies are implementing resistive or capacitive touch into their products, it’s essential not to overlook […]