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How to Place Metal Dome Arrays on Your Circuit Board

You can place metal domes on your membrane switch, flex circuit, or circuit board in various ways. Metal domes can be placed in pockets or attached to adhesive tape. The most common way to secure metal domes to your substrate is with pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape. Metal domes backed with PSA tape are called PEEL-N-PLACE™arrays […]

Snaptron and Fingertips Lab Partner to Develop a Groundbreaking Device to Help Stop Distracted Driving

Company Fingertips Lab Location San Francisco, CA Product Bluetooth Remote O6 and Mobile O6 App Industry Consumer Electronics Why Snaptron? High-quality domes and an easy working relationship The Result CES Innovation Award and the RedDot Design Award Materials/Services Used F08260N, Peel-N-Place About Fingertips Lab Fingertips Lab is an artificial intelligence software firm that specializes in […]