Each year, automotive interior controls become increasingly advanced, and haptic feedback is a key element in passenger comfort, convenience, and functionality. Snaptron currently serves (indirectly and directly) nearly all of the major automotive companies. We are well versed with the strict standards this industry mandates, including production part approval process (PPAP) requirements.

At Snaptron, we’ve built a controlled environment room to better serve our customers, and all of our metal snap dome manufacturing is done in an area that lowers the level of environmental pollutants such as dust and other particles that can potentially contaminate our products.This helps ensure that you receive the highest quality products with every order that you place.

Snaptron has experience with key fobs, climate controls, lighting controls, steering wheel controls, and many other tactile elements in the automotive environment. Our tactile domes are durable and often rated to millions of cycles. Our wide variety of standard products and our ability to create custom products quickly makes us the ideal partner for the automotive industry.

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