Snaptron’s reputation for quality and reliability has made us a leading supplier in the health, dental and medical industries.  Medical professionals have trusted us for critical products from surgical instruments to defibrillators.  We realize the importance of a reliable, high quality product every time you order.  Our staff has over 125 years of industry knowledge and we’ll make sure you receive the best support possible – from selecting the ideal force to reviewing plating options to lower contact resistance.

Snaptron domes are used in patient monitors, surgical instruments, glucose monitors, hospital equipment, defibrillators, lab equipment, medical imaging products, and a variety of other medical electronics.  We realize the importance of quality in critical medical equipment, and will work with your company to guarantee the response you deserve.

In 2013, Snaptron built a controlled environment room to better serve our customers.  All of our Peel-N-Place array manufacturing is done in this area which lowers the level of environmental pollutants such as dust and other particles that can potentially contaminate products. This helps ensure that you receive the highest quality products with every order.

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