Military / Defense / Security

Snaptron has been a vendor for military, defense and security companies for more than 20 years. Our metal dome switches have been custom modified for military applications by lowering the tactile ratio so that audible “clicks” are minimal. We also create tactile domes to be robust, which is ideal for applications such as laser sights, rifle optics, outdoor GPS units, and handheld field radios.

All Snaptron domes are manufactured in the USA to strict quality standards. In an industry where failure is not an option, we provide customers with highly reliable tactile domes.

In 2013, Snaptron built a controlled environment room so that all of our Peel-N-Place array manufacturing could be done in an area with lower levels of environmental pollutants such as dust and other particles that can potentially contaminate products. This helps ensure that every dome you order is of the highest quality.

Our snap domes are:

  • Reliable (failure not an option)
  • Minimal audible sound (if required)
  • Robust (field tested)
  • Made in the USA

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