Sapphire Lease Program

Sapphire Force-Displacement Test Station – Lease Program

The Sapphire switch force displacement test station is designed for accurate, repeatable force and displacement measurements of various types of tactile switches and switch assemblies. The Sapphire is a stand-alone unit that tests and displays precise measurement data on an LCD touch screen display. Full measurement reports can be uploaded to your network or a USB drive.

Lease Program

The Sapphire is used to test metal domes, poly domes, membrane switches, and most other switches. The force test station follows ASTM standard F2592. Tests include trip force, return force, standing free height, displacement, tactile ratio, tactile activation slope, switch resistance, and more. It can detect two separate electrical contacts and it can be used to characterize resistive touch screens.


3 Year Term:

  • Monthly payment of $400 USD
  • Purchase price option after 3 year term: please contact us

2 Year Term:

  • Monthly payment of $500 USD
  • Purchase price option after 2 year term: please contact us

1 Year Term:

  • Monthly payment of $650 USD
  • Purchase price option after 1 year term: please contact us


  • $800 USD per month
  • Purchase price TBD at end of lease period

Basic Terms

  • Pricing for the Snaptron Sapphire Lease Program is based on leasing one Sapphire. If you wish to lease multiple units, please contact us directly for pricing.
  • The purchase option is based on the current retail price.
  • Lease terms: month-to-month, 1-year (12 month), 2-year (24 month) and 3-year (36 month) options are available.
  • At the end of the contract you have three options: return the equipment, re-sign for another lease term, or purchase the equipment.
  • Snaptron will provide a reasonable amount of support and service during the term of the lease for maintenance or repair purposes only. It the Lessee’s obligation to keep the equipment in good repair, appearance, and condition. The Lessee also agrees to keep and store the original shipping crate, and to send the unit back for scheduled maintenance, as pre-determined in the final contact.
  • Additional terms and conditions apply and will be outlined in individual lease agreements.