SureShot Lease Program

SureShot 400 Automated Dome Placement System – Lease Program

The SureShot is a high-speed automated system for the placement of metal domes. Its patented design dispenses metal domes from a cartridge, which is inserted into the Arrow™ placement head. The SureShot™ places a single dome on a target and then moves directly to the next target without having to reload or “home.” It can also be programmed to dispense predetermined multiples for stacking domes in specified positions.

Lease Program Options

The SureShot 400 Lease Program includes one Arrow™ Dispensing Head, user software, and user’s manual. The SureShot only dispenses Snaptron domes and with the dome orientation of feet-down. Please get in touch with us for custom orientations. Any damage caused to the unit from using non-Snaptron domes is the responsibility of the Lessee.


TermAmount Per Month

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Basic Terms
  1. Pricing is based on leasing one SureShot and includes one Arrow™ Dispensing Head for GX, F, BL, and U series Snaptron domes. If you wish to lease multiple units please contact us directly. Additional Arrows are available for a monthly fee, per Arrow. Please contact us for pricing.
  2. Lease terms: month-to-month, 1-year (12 month), 2-year (24 month) and 3-year (36 month) options are available.
  3. The purchase option is based on the current retail price.
  4. At the end of the contract you have three options: return the equipment, re-sign for another lease term, or purchase the equipment.
  5. Snaptron will provide a reasonable amount of support and service during the term of the lease for maintenance or repair purposes only. It the Lessee’s obligation to keep the equipment in good repair, appearance, and condition. The Lessee also agrees to keep and store the original shipping crate, and to send the unit back for scheduled maintenance, as pre-determined in the final contact.
  6. Additional terms and conditions apply and will be outlined in individual lease agreements.