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Typical Dome Specifications

Contact configurationSPST N.O
Switching voltage.1 to 50 VDC
Switching capacity1 Watt
Switching current.005 to 100 ma DC
Contact bounce<.3ms make <.6ms break
Trip force+/- 30 grams typical
Dome height+/- 0.003 typical
MaterialStainless Steel *
PlatingNickel / Silver / Gold optional **
Operation temperature rating-45 degrees C to +100 degrees C
Storage temperature rating-55 degrees C to +100 degrees C
Contact life5 million cycles typical
* Custom non-magnetic material available upon request

** Various platings and plating thicknesses may affect product characteristics

*** These specification are general guidelines only, and vary. Please call for individual product specifications.

Typical Peel-N-Place Part Tolerances

Dome position to Datum+/- .015"
Internal cut feature size+/- .010"
Perimeter cut size+/- .010"
Internal cut features and perimeter cut to Datum+/- .010"
Rotation+/- 10 degrees