Industry leaders in the design and manufacturing of metal dome switch contacts and complementary equipment for the membrane switch and related switch industries.
Metal domes
Metal dome switch contacts are used to produce positive tactile feedback in membranes and keyboards. 

• Standard Domes
Custom domes
Dome Arrays
Bulk, standard peel-n-place, and custom peel-n-place packaging
A variety of packaging options are available to make placement convenient.

Standard Peel-N-Place (Sheet)
Custom Peel-N-Place (Sheet)
Dome placement and testing machine
Test and placement equipment to assist with quality and efficiency standards.

TruTac® Test Station
SureShotTM Placement Robot
DartTM Placement Pen
Placement Fixtures
Various metal dome shapes, sizes, and activation forces
Includes twelve sample jars of our most popular metal dome shapes, sizes, and activation forces.

By Specific Part Number
Sample Box
Design Guide