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Snaptron, Inc.

Our tactile domes are momentary switch contacts that, when used in conjunction with a printed circuit board, flex circuit, or membrane, become normally open tactile switches. Tactile domes are placed onto the substrate with pressure sensitive adhesive tape (Peel-N-Place Array) or captured in a membrane-type pocket design.

For nearly 30 years, Snaptron has been the industry leader in providing high-quality tactile metal switch contacts and snap domes, along with complementary equipment for a wide variety of industries. Our customer service and breadth of product selection (variety of dome styles, sizes, and forces available) are second to none.

Snaptron carries more than 10 different standard dome styles, with sizes ranging from 4mm to 25mm. Custom tactile domes can also be created with minimal lead times.

Snaptron works directly with customers worldwide. Our goal is to provide the best customer service and industry expertise to make our customers’ projects a success. We do not use distributors, so please contact us directly. We look forward to working with you!

Featured Product

GX04200 - 4mm Micro-Dome 

NEW: The GX04200 micro-dome measures just 3.45mm on each side and packs 200 grams of actuation force.  Perfect for applications where space is limited.  Contact Snaptron today to request samples.

Peel-N-Place Dome Arrays


Snaptron tactile metal domes are often placed onto a printed circuit board or flex circuit using a pressure sensitive adhesive tape – referred to as Snaptron’s Peel-N-Place dome arrays.

Two options for Peel-N-Place Arrays:

Standard – A single dome on a square piece of adhesive tape (packaged in sheet form)

Custom – Multiple domes placed in the exact locations you require (including cuts for “keep out” areas.  Send Snaptron a PNP drawing.

From the Blog

The Leader in Quality

Snaptron’s quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and all of our products are manufactured to strict specifications.  The majority of our tactile domes are rated up to 5 million cycles.  For over 20 years, Snaptron tactile metal domes have earned the confidence of design engineers looking for controlled and consistent tactile feel.

Serving Your Industry

Metal domes add a distinguished tactile feel to products in a wide variety of industries, including medical instrumentation, automotive switches, aerospace cockpit panels, wireless handheld devices, marine controls, smart card applications, membrane panels, security & military devices, mobile communications, and anywhere else a low-profile momentary switch is required.  For a look at a few industries we serve, select the link(s) below.

Custom Capabilities

Every project is different and Snaptron has the in-house capabilities to create custom domes specific for your product.  Whether you require a minor adjustment to an existing tactile dome [e.g. tactile trip force, snap action feel (tactile ratio), dome height/travel], or a completely new design concept, Snaptron has the expertise to accommodate.  Optional gold and nickel plating is also available.

Around the Globe

Snaptron products are manufactured in Colorado, USA and shipped worldwide.  Our technical and sales staff have experience assisting clients in the North America, Europe, Asia, and locations around the globe.  In order to maintain our strict quality standards, we do not use distributors.  We ship our products direct to you.  Contact us to purchase or learn more about our tactile metal domes, Peel-N-Place dome arrays, dome placement equipment, and force-displacement testing products. We look forward to hearing directly from you!