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WT-Series domes offer a high actuation force in a relatively small dome while maintaining extensive actuation life. This dome’s triangular shape makes it ideal for applications where domes are in close proximity to other domes or components. WT-Series domes can be mounted on single- or double-sided printed circuit boards, on flex circuits, or in membrane switch panels.

Contact Snaptron for pricing, to order, or to request samples of WT-Series domes.

Part Numbers

Part NumberDiameterHeightTrip ForceDimpleLife CyclesSpecsRequest Samples
WT04170 4mm (0.157") 0.28mm (0.011")170gNoup to 500,000SpecsAdd to List
WT05285 5mm (0.197") 0.28mm (0.011")285gNoup to 3,000,000SpecsAdd to List
WT05350 5mm (0.197") 0.33mm (0.013")350gNoup to 3,000,000SpecsAdd to List
WT06285 6mm (0.236") 0.36mm (0.014")285gNoup to 5,000,000SpecsAdd to List
WT06400 6mm (0.236") 0.46mm (0.018")400gNoup to 5,000,000SpecsAdd to List
WTD05200 5mm (0.197") 0.38mm (0.015")200gYesup to 3,000,000SpecsAdd to List
WTD06400 6mm (0.236") 0.53mm (0.021")400gYesup to 5,000,000SpecsAdd to List
WTD06540 6mm (0.236") 0.51mm (0.020")540gYesup to 5,000,000SpecsAdd to List
WTD07500 7mm (0.276") 0.51mm (0.020")500gYesup to 5,000,000SpecsAdd to List