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BL-Series domes have 4 legs and were devised for applications that require a back-lit switch with crisp tactile feedback. The hole in the center of the dome allows for the placement of an LED directly behind the dome switch rather than off to the side. The result is a more intense lighting effect.

BL-Series tactile domes can be mounted on single or double-sided printed circuit boards, flex circuits, or membranes. BL-series domes can also be packaged in cartridges. This enables quick and accurate placement using the Dart™ dome placement pen or the SureShot™ automated dome placement machine.

Contact Snaptron for pricing, to order, or to request samples of BL-Series domes.

Part Numbers

Part NumberDiameterHeightTrip ForceDimpleLife CyclesSpecsRequest Samples
BL08260 8.5mm (0.335") 0.53mm (0.021")260gNoup to 5,000,000SpecsAdd to List
BL08400 8.5mm (0.333") 0.56mm (0.022")400gNoup to 5,000,000SpecsAdd to List
BL10280 10mm (0.394") 0.56mm (0.022")280gNoup to 5,000,000SpecsAdd to List
BL10660 10mm (0.394") 0.69mm (0.025")660gNoup to 20,000SpecsAdd to List
BL12280 12mm (0.472") 0.71mm (0.028")280gNoup to 5,000,000SpecsAdd to List
BL12340 12mm (0.472") 0.66mm (0.026")340gNoup to 5,000,000SpecsAdd to List
BL12450 12mm (0.472") 0.71mm (0.028")450gNoup to 5,000,000SpecsAdd to List
BL14400 14mm (0.551") 0.71mm (0.028")400gNoup to 5,000,000SpecsAdd to List
BL14700 14mm (0.551") 0.89mm (0.035")700gNoup to 25,000SpecsAdd to List