Snaptron offers low-profile battery terminal contacts. Metal domes serve as compression spring contacts and are a low-cost, space-saving solution for battery termination.

These contacts are designed to be used on polyimide flex circuits where SMT technology can be used for placement and thus eliminate the use of secondary discrete wire soldering.

Contacts are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your needs – from 4mm to 20mm – and can be used for traditional batteries as well as coin batteries. Contacts can be purchased with nickel or gold plating.

Contact a Snaptron sales representative for more information.

Part Numbers

Part Number Diameter Height Trip Force Dimple Life Cycles Specs Request Samples
FB06###N (4-leg) 6.00mm (0.236") 0.38mm (0.015") N/A No N/A Specs Add to List
FB07###N (4-leg) 7.00mm (0.276") 0.46mm (0.018") N/A No N/A Specs Add to List
FB12###N (4-leg) 11.91mm (0.469") 0.64mm (0.025") N/A No N/A Specs Add to List
TB12###N (Triangle) 12mm (0.472") 0.91mm (0.036") N/A No N/A Specs Add to List