Solder Dome

Introducing the S-Series, a solderable dome switch by Snaptron

Now, you can easily attach high-quality metal domes directly to your circuit board just like any standard SMD switch component.

An Integrated SMD Switch Solution

Engineered for automation, the solder dome features two tabs that allow it to be surface-mounted directly to the circuit–without impacting performance. Like standard metal domes, the solder dome is a normally open momentary contact that provides a crisp tactile feel. The SMD switch dome is loaded in tape and reel for use in your SMT or pick-n-place machines and is adhered to the circuit with reflow soldering.

solder switches by snaptron

Automate Assembly

The SMD switch dome fits into your normal automation process. Easily integrate domes into your standard SMT machines.

Superb Tactile Feedback

Tactile dome switches have a superior tactile feel compared to other solderable switches, like tact switches.

Lower Cost of Production

Lower your cost of production and labor by reducing overall build time and eliminating steps to final product assembly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you solder a dome to a circuit board or flex circuit?
A. Yes, two solderable tabs allow the dome to be soldered directly to a printed circuit board or flex circuit without impacting performance or tactile feel.

Q. Are there any special considerations for assembly?
A: Snaptron recommends using an SMT assembly system. While domes can be placed by hand or manually soldered, we recommend you use a solder paste deposit and an SMT placement machine to ensure the most accurate results. Because SMT systems can vary by manufacturer, following all guidelines and recommendations for your machine as specified is essential. Mechanical placement will apply pressure on the dome. Please ensure the placement force is less than the rated actuation force of the dome.

Q. What size reels are available, and how many domes per reel?
A. The solder dome comes packaged in a pocketed reel. Reels come standard in two sizes; 13″ reels hold 2,500 or 5,000 and 22″ reels hold 10,000 or 15,000 domes, depending on the dome’s diameter. Contact your sales representative for quantity price breaks.

Q. What soldering method should I use, and how much solder paste should I apply?
A: Our domes have been validated with leaded and lead-free solder pastes.  We recommend using a 0.005″ thick stencil covering 40%-50% of the solder pad area.  Always verify that the solder paste is applied in the correct area to avoid an inadequate solder joint or solder wicking.

Ready to see the SMD Dome in Action?

Contact our team today to request samples of the SMD dome packaged in a tape and reel.

SMD switch in tape and reel

Recommended Reading

ℹ︎ Disclosures and product information

  1. The S-Series domes are only available in the feet-down orientation packaged in tape and reel. 13” and 22” reels are available with domes oriented at a 45-degree rotation. 
  2. All domes come standard with Nickel plating. Additional plating options are available.
  3. All listed specifications are prior to soldering. Dome performance may vary slightly after soldering. 
  4. Proper pad design, type, and amount of solder can affect the dome’s performance. Please contact Snaptron for best practices. 
  5. Life ratings are up to 1 millions cycles, typical and may vary by application and design. 
  6. Lead free, RoHS compliant. 
  7. Tape and reel comply with EIA-418 standard.